BioFlo 750ml Day/Leg Bag

Model LB21

The BioFlo® Quick Disconnect Day/Leg Bag is a patented, 750 ml collection bag that includes an anti-reflux valve to prevent backflow into the drain tube, a twist-to-release drainage valve for voiding the bag’s contents, and two latex free, elasticized Velcro straps for securing the bag to the wearer’s leg.

All BioFlo® Urinary Management products feature the revolutionary BioFlo® Quick Disconnect. The patented BioFlo® Quick Disconnect system allows for safer, faster and easier attachment and detachment of BioFlo® collection bags. The folding or clamping of drain tubes during collection bag changes is no longer necessary. With the push of a button, the Quick Disconnect enables the collection bag and tubing to be temporarily removed while maintaining a closed system. The Quick Disconnect eliminates difficult collection bag changes, accidental spillage and unnecessary trauma resulting from trapped or pulled collection bags during user movement or relocation.

The revolutionary BioFlo® Quick-Clean cleaning attachment makes collection bag cleaning an easy and sanitary process, while protecting against accidental cleaning solution spillage. The Quick-Clean attachment is a two part system that connects to the collection bag via the BioFlo® Quick Disconnect. Made up of a 60 cc, screw tip, luer lock syringe, inserted into a specialized Quick Disconnect fitting, the Quick-Clean attachment securely snaps into the collection bag’s Quick Disconnect fitting, allowing the cleaning solution to be injected into the bag through a sealed connection. With the BioFlo® Quick Clean system, cleaning your collection bags becomes a quick, no-mess process.


Day/Leg Collection Bag –
7″ x 10″ made of PVC, 750 ML capacity, 12 inch tubing extension, with two latex-free elasticized straps.


If the BioFlo system does not function satisfactorily, please contact us.


The BioFlo Quick Disconnect Day/Leg Bag should be replaced after thirty (30) days of use or twelve (12) months from its date of manufacture.

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