BioFlo ActiValve

Model AC23

The BioFlo® ActiValve is a unique, patented attachment designed to give BioFlo users greater freedom and mobility, while maintaining control of their bladder. Created with the active user in mind, the ActiValve is a small, manually operated, flip-to-open drain tube that connects directly to the BioFlo® AutoValve via the Quick Disconnect feature. The ActiValve offers its users the option of manually voiding their bladder when full, without having to connect to a bag or remove the BioFlo® AutoValve.

When a collection bag is disconnected from the BioFlo® Urinary Management System, the BioFlo® AutoValve is secured in the closed position, allowing its user to temporarily move about freely, without the limitations of a collection bag or the fear of any unexpected voiding or leakage. When the AutoValve is in the secured position, disconnected from a collection bag, it will not allow the bladder to void, even when the necessary release pressure is met. The BioFlo® ActiValve was designed to give appropriate, more active catheter users a greater range of control in these situations. Appropriate catheter users are generally those who have retained or developed certain bodily sensations indicative of the need for voiding their bladder, or those catheter users who are on a timed bladder release cycle. When the ActiValve is connected, and the AutoValve’s required release pressure has been met, its user can manually void their bladder without the need of a collection bag or removal of the BioFlo® AutoValve. Once the need for greater mobility or freedom from a collection bag has ceased, the user can simply detach the BioFlo® ActiValve and reattach a collection bag, all in the span of a few seconds, via the BioFlo® Quick Disconnect.


ActiValve –made of clear, polycarbonate and attached to a 1.75″ long, 11mm outside diameter PVC tube with a flip valve to drain.


If the BioFlo system does not function satisfactorily, please contact us.


The BioFlo ActiValve should be replaced after thirty (30) days of use or twelve (12) months from its date of manufacture.

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