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The BioFlo® Urinary Management System is revolutionary in its design and advancement of the state of urinary catheterization. Designed to be attached to an indwelling, generally Foley, catheter. The heart of the system is the patented BioFlo® AutoValve Model #AU18. An in-line catheter valve with an automated release mechanism, the AutoValve closely replicates the natural fill and release function of the bladder. When urine in the catheter, located above the AutoValve, reaches 20 centimeters of head pressure, two ceramic magnets separate inside the BioFlo® AutoValve allowing urine to flow into a BioFlo® Quick Disconnect collection bag. The AutoValve automatically closes upon voiding the bladder, which perpetuates the fill and void cycle.

The BioFlo® AutoValve includes a luer lock sampling and irrigation port to eliminate the risk of needle sticks and infection.

All BioFlo® Urinary Management products feature the revolutionary BioFlo® Quick Disconnect. The patented BioFlo® Quick Disconnect system allows for safer, faster and easier attachment and detachment of BioFlo® collection bags. The folding or clamping of drain tubes during collection bag changes is no longer necessary. With the push of a button, the Quick Disconnect enables the collection bag and tubing to be temporarily removed while maintaining a closed system. The Quick Disconnect eliminates difficult collection bag changes, accidental spillage and unnecessary trauma resulting from trapped or pulled collection bags during user movement or relocation.

Each BioFlo® AutoValve adapts to the following BioFlo® products featuring our Quick Disconnect system:

Model #BB20 – BioFlo® 2000ml Night/Bed Bag

Model #LB21 – BioFlo® 750ml Day/Leg Bag

Model #TB22 – BioFlo® 500ml Day/Thigh Bag

Model #AC23 – BioFlo® ActiValve


AutoValve –3-1/2″ x 1″ made of clear, polycarbonate.


If the BioFlo system does not function satisfactorily, please contact us.


The BioFlo AutoValve should be replaced after thirty (30) days of use or twelve (12) months from its date of manufacture.

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