The BioFlo® Urinary Management System provides indwelling catheter users enhanced freedom of movement, a more discreet and convenient method of managing bladder function, and the peace of mind that comes from quick, trauma-free bag changes. Surveys indicate that catheter wearers prefer the control, comfort and discretion of the BioFlo® AutoValve.

The patented BioFlo® Quick Disconnect collection bags and anti-reflux device assures catheter users the enjoyment of a reduction in the risk of movement related trauma, spillage and the potential of infection due to difficult collection bag changes. The Quick Disconnect System offers a reduction in unnecessary cleanup in both medical facilities and in-home healthcare settings. With the push of a button, changing your collection bag becomes a fast, easy and discreet process that allows catheter users greater comfort and independence.

With the BioFlo® ActiValve, users can enjoy ultimate mobility, free of collection bags. For catheter users seeking an active lifestyle, the BioFlo® ActiValve offers complete control in voiding their bladder. With its unique design and concealable design, the ActiValve offers the utmost in comfort, discretion and mobility.

For catheter users whose mobility and confidence has been restricted by collection bags and inconvenient or difficult bag changes, the BioFlo® Urinary Management System offers a better solution by promoting greater lifestyle benefits, freedom and mobility. Freedom comes in many forms, but always brings a heightened sense of dignity and enhanced psychological gratification.

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