Frequency Answers Questions

Is there a screening to facilitate early diagnosis of COPD ?

YES, and they’re simple & non-invasive, just ask your Doctor.

Why is it important to prevent exacerbation in a COPD patient?

Because every exacerbation damages lung tissue and it reduces the overall lung performance as well as other organs systems.

Is the patient at risk for emphysema if the patient already has Chronic Bronchitis? Why?

YES.  The lungs of a chronic bronchitis patient has continuous inflammation and frequent exacerbations, which then reduces the pulmonary blood circulation and destroys the alveoli.  Because of this, there is less oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, which then causes additional tissue destruction.  Tissue Destruction indicates that the small alveoli become a large bulla called EMPHYSEMA.

What is the most parameters that affect the quality of life of COPD patient?

In COPD patient, obstructed airways by visqueuse secretions:

  1.     the pulmonary area as well as the trappe the air behind the secretion plug are not more available for gas exchange, to compensate that, the patient has to increase his effort to breath,causing dyspnea and fatigue.
  2.      all obstructed area do not allow gas transfers between patient’s airways and the outside, as results CO2 retention called “Hypercapnia”. Hypercapnia affect directly patient’s quality of life , reducing his physical performance & productivity.

Are we able to reduce the severity of the disease?

YES, by keeping the airways permeable, using daily IPV treatment, will maintain the airways clean, reduce the risk of surinfections and the episodes of exacerbations, as final results, slowdown in the evolution of the disease, as well as all other associated organs complications.

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