The BioFlo® Urinary Management System closely replicates the natural build up and release of urine from the bladder. The maintenance of the bladder’s fill and void cycle may offer protection against bladder atrophy in patients who are not permanently catheterized and may aid in the retraining of bladders that have been catheterized for medium to long-term intervals. Additionally, the BioFlo® ActiValve offers a more efficient tool for the retraining of bladders by way of granting control over the wearer’s release of urine based on bladder sensation.

It has been demonstrated that, after only six months of free-flow drainage, the bladder may atrophy and lose its natural functioning ability. In simple terms, the bladder is like a muscle – if it isn’t used, it weakens and “shrinks,” eventually ceasing to function properly. The BioFlo® AutoValve closely replicates the bladder’s natural release function, filling and then voiding under pressure similar to that encountered in a normally functioning bladder. By maintaining the fill and void cycle, the bladder’s sensation and muscle function may be maintained. Long-term catheter patients who are not permanently catheterized may benefit greatly from this due to a potential reduction in the bladder rehabilitation period prior to terminating their urinary catheter usage.

The BioFlo® AutoValve creates a closed system in which urine pressure opens the sealed magnetic valve, allowing urine to be released, then automatically close upon voiding the bladder. This patented design allows for the reduction of a potential CAUTI inducing occurence. Typically, a urinary catheter attached to a collection bag allows a continuous flow of urine from the bladder into the collection bag. Although the collection bag may have an anti-reflux valve, there is generally nothing to prohibit the backflow of urine and bacteria from migrating through the collection tube on the catheter side of the anti-reflux valve. Urine reentering through the catheter and ultimately back into the bladder, is one of several potential causes of CAUTI. The BioFlo® Urinary Management System’s AutoValve is a one-way “check valve” which prohibits the flow of urine and bacteria back into the bladder from the collection bag or tube.

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