John Michael Raimondo, D.C. A True Entrepreneur

  • 15th January 201415/01/14
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I had the privilege recently to sit down with Dr. Raimondo, President and CEO of PULMONAIR (Infinity Medical Equipment). I did this for two reasons, first because I remember the first time I met him a few years ago when Dr. Bird was in San Antonio, and second because he has been such a tremendous supporter of respiratory care.Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, he attended Texas A&M and Texas Chiropractic College. He started medical practice in Laredo with a rehab center and now has two offices as well in San Antonio. SA Spine and Rehab is a multidisciplinary practice with board certified chiropractors, medical doctors and psychotherapists. Dr. Raimondo’s father grew up on the streets of Philly during the depression and was an Army paratrooper in the Korean War! His mother was an RN and director of nursing at a hospital in Corpus Christi. Losing his father to lung cancer and COPD a couple years ago increased his interest into finding better ways to care for patients with chronic lung disease.

In 2004 he was approached by a childhood friend, a respiratory therapist that was in sales about the problems of reimbursement for home care ventilator for patients. After some investigation into the need for home ventilation and the problems patients were having getting funding for this, he purchased several LTV home ventilators and started a rental company (Infinity), to help ease the financial burden of these patient’s. Within two-years he owned 60-70 ventilators. Because of the expense in caring for the ventilators he moved into the biomedical arena so he could do the repairs and maintenance in house, and became a service center for the LTV.  He continued to investigate and educate himself about the technical aspects of mechanical ventilation and respiratory diseases. In 2009 Dr. Raimondo was introduced to Dr. Bird at the AARC Conference in San Antonio. They stuck up a business relationship and Infinity became the distributor for Percussionaire® products (IPV). In 2011 Dr. Adel Bougatef (a 25+ year associate of Dr.Bird’s) joined with Dr. Raimondo and Infinity in marketing and educating therapists around the country to the benefits of IPV therapy. Dr. Bougatef has moved from his home country of Belgium to the U.S. to continue his work with this therapy that he has used extensively in Europe.

I asked Dr. Raimondo about the name change from Infinity to PULMONAIR. He said the decision was made to reflect his specific interests in pulmonary medicine.

He stated that when he started the company (Infinity), he used that name as it was nonspecific and because he was not sure if it would work or where it would take him.  As his focus changed to respiratory diseases, he wanted a name that reflected that. Outside of his busy business schedule that keeps him on the road a lot, he is an active member of a church in New Braunfels, is married and has two children he spend as much time as possible with. He is a board member of Chosen Marathon for Adoption a local group from New Braunfels. They have raised over one-half million dollars in 4-years to help people with adoption. This has been an all-volunteer group up until recently when they are partnering with NASCAR and going national. He stated that every dollar donated equates to $3 to $5 in support. There are over 165 million orphans worldwide that need homes. He is also a board member for Solutions That Equip People for Success (STEPS).  STEPS is a program that gives individuals an opportunity for a better life. It was designed to help those who are willing to change, by equipping them with the tools, resources, and encouragement they need.

Our job is to locate the hindrances, physical or otherwise, that stand between an individual and their success, and help them to rectify those hindrances however possible. STEPS not only looks at the immediate needs of the individual or family, but also at their long term well-being. The aim is to not provide a band-aid, but to provide long term solutions. Aside from all that Dr. Raimondo exercises and runs as often as he can. He has competed in a Half-Marathon, Marathons, Triathlons and Tough Mudder event, which is reported to be the toughest event on the planet. Participating in these events is something he said he never thought of doing, but is glad that he has. He also has his pilot’s license and loves flying. If all that were not enough, Pulmonair is also one of the TSRC Industrial Representatives.

Michael Dickmann, MMS, RRT
Publication Chair—TSRC

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