Studies imply that BioFlo’s patented AutoValve, along with its unique Quick Disconnect and collection bag system, may offer its users an enhanced level of protection against Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI). When the BioFlo® collection bag is disconnected, the AutoValve is secured in the closed position. This closed system may reduce the potential for bacteria entering the catheter, which is a critical defense against CAUTI and other types of infections. Conventional systems generally expose the open tubing of the indwelling catheter during routine bag changes. Additionally, the BioFlo sealed magnetic valve and the BioFlo anti-reflux valve in each collection bag, prevents potential bacteria from entering the indwelling catheter from the collection bag drainage tube, thus limiting infection. The Quick Disconnect System alleviates the occurrences of difficult or traumatic bag changes, while maintaining a clean procedure. BioFlo users can help prevent one of the suspected promoters of CAUTI by proper utilization of the Quick Disconnect system.

The BioFlo® AutoValve’s luer lock sampling port removes the risk of accidental needle pricks, thus protecting its users and care providers from injury and infection.

The BioFlo® AutoValve, functioning with the BioFlo® Quick Disconnect, promotes a safer environment for its user by reducing the likelihood of accidental bladder trauma. When a patient is being relocated or moved, the urine bag can be quickly disconnected, eliminating the risk of accidental trapping or pulling of the system, thereby preventing trauma to the patient. Additionally, the BioFlo® Quick Disconnect allows collection bags to be removed with no accidental urine spillage, thereby reducing potential contamination and risk of infection for other patients and healthcare providers. Elimination of urine spillage will reduce treatment costs for infectious care, associated clean up of linens and changing of garments.

The BioFlo® AutoValve creates a closed system, allowing an indwelling catheter to stay in place longer and reducing potential bacteria entering the system. This is potentially beneficial for intermittent catheter users who suffer reduced manual dexterity. By way of reducing the frequency of intermittent catheterization procedures, users may benefit from reduced opportunity for infection and localized trauma while promoting the healthy functioning of their bladder. Since the AutoValve promotes bladder voiding when low head pressure is achieved, the system should also benefit those with low compliance bladders, which may not totally drain at low pressure.

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