Success story of IPV 2C treatment on a 6 yr old female patient

This past February a 6 year old little girl was being treated at El Paso Children’s Hospital’s ICU with right lung pneumonia and a pig tail chest tube which is visualized on all three x-rays.  Patient’s complete history is unknown.

Initial chest x-ray was taken BEFORE High Frequency Percussive Ventilation was introduced.

Picture of the lungs before treatment

Patient was treated with HFPV, non invasively by mask for comfort. Frequency and Duration of Treatment sessions:  Every 3 hours patient was treated 20min to 30mins in duration with HFPV while nebulizing bronchodilators and sterile physiological saline used for humidification.  After 4 days of treating every 3 hours the frequency was decreased.

2nd chest x-ray was taken the following day AFTER only 4 treatment sessions.

After 4tx over 10hrs


3rd chest x-ray was taken three days following the 2nd x-ray.The patient was discharged 2 weeks later without regression or exacerbation.

X-Ray of the Lungs AFTER only 3 days with the IPV 2C treatment

3 days after starting IPV2C

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